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Lorinda in the ass

Wow, horny hot MILF Lorinda went looking for a hard stiff cock to get shoved into her asshole and she found it on my member! I was glad this sexy big tit brunette ran into me because i was digging on her nice body and tits.She also had a great ass that was nicely shaped for some pounding.We chatted and then moved on to a nearby hotel where the real party began.She leaned over on the couch on all fours to show me her awesome ass and i was in heaven.I couldn’t get my dick ready enough to be pounding that ass.


First i had to make sure i was nice and slimy in order to fit into her tight asshole.I took off her panties and revealed a pink pussy that was looking very nice and wet.I inserted my fingers a few times and tasted her vaginal fluids, which made her even more hornier and attracted to me sexually.So i pulled her in closer and put her feet up as i had a great entrance to that sweet pussy.I started to bang her and make her feel great.


When i was nice and lubed up i stood her up and admired her ass for a second.I made sure to put in a finger to make sure she was loose enough and sure enough we were ready to go.I penetrated her tight asshole with my dick and started to ass fuck her in delight.


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