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Allison Pierce loved this… She knew it was the clam before the storm. She was down on her knees with his cock in her mouth, sucking him down… He was into it; He loved getting his cock sucked off. All men do.

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Tina Marie knew he liked anal sex, and today was his birthday. They had been going out six months and so far she’s been unwilling to to let him put his cock up in her ass. She had a tight little ass and the only time she’s ever tried anal sex all she remembered was about how it hurt. But she wanted to keep him… So she was willing to let him fuck her in the ass if only this once!

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Katja Kassin knows how to please a man… She knows that all men like two things – being deep throating and fucking chicks up the ass. Katja Kassin can do both and do both well!

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Karen was the kind of slut that was never happy with a single cock… She need cock so badly that she needed at least two men to fuck at once!

She had talked her new boyfriend into bringing Zachary into their fuck sessions – she Zachary’s cock in her still tight ass and her boyfriend’s cock in her hand. She was jerking him off while Zachary was banging her in the ass!


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Leah Luv is young and tight and looks like the kind of girl that wouldn’t be into ass fucking… She’s just too thin and too tiny; Ass fucking would hurt her… But yet Leah Luv gets off on having a huge thick cock up in her ass!

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Angel knew she was going to be with him for the rest of her life… The one thing he wanted more than anything else was anal sex; He loved the ass fucking more than anything else. She always said no…

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Kaci Star has been around long enough to know how it works… She needs to suck him off and make sure his cock is as hard as it can be… Or else ass fucking isn’t going to happen!

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Kathy is in an odd spot… She likes anal sex, but the first few pumps always seems to hurt… Even though she knows it’s coming, it still hurts like hell once his cock slides up in her ass the first time!

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